Let Them Eat Art is Maplewood’s largest event. It is a celebration of Bastille Day, but really just a reason to have an enormous street party filled with great art and food. The name is a take-off of Marie Antoinette’s famous line, “Let Them Eat Cake.” Instead of cake, the City of Maplewood offers art.

Not only is it in our home town, it is out our front door. The street is closed for several blocks and the party ensues. It is an absolute blast.

In 2008, Studio X was asked to design a poster for the event. Up until that point, all the posters were one-offs, random illustrations. The design created became the logo for the event, which treated it more as a branding assignment than an art poster.

Each year, the event has increased in size. The brand stuck, and several years later it is still being used.