Design is our mother tongue. It was what we knew how to do before we knew what it truly was. It’s where all our other talents are derived from. If we do something else well, it is precisely because we began as designers.

We have had the great fortune to work for many great clients, at companies and organizations both large and small.

These are a few of the projects that we have enjoyed over the years. We hope you enjoy them, too.

I love Maplewood T-shirt design

design for the South Grand Dine Around

Webster Walker School of Business and Technology Notabene Annual Report

brochure design for The Salvation Army

St. Louis Groovefest poster design



Motorcycle Ride T-shirt design

Straub’s Fine Grocers

Straub’s is one of St. Louis’ oldest and finest grocers. Started in 1901, Straub’s has a long tradition of selling some of the best food in St. Louis. They pride themselves on offering great food and their customer service is second to none. If you like delicious food, Straub’s is hard to beat. Their Chicken Salad is legendary.

Studio X has worked for Straub’s for several years creating email marketing campaigns, signage, photography, as well as in-store branding. Our job simply is to convey the deliciousness of their food and richness of the experience within their stores.




Great Rivers Greenway

Great Rivers Greenway is a regional parks and trails district, created by a vote of the people to connect St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County. They are committed to making St. Louis an even better place to live by connecting our region with greenways so you can be active, get around town and enjoy being outside.

Studio X helps with this messaging through design, illustration and photography.







Studio X has created dozens of sites from large robust multi-level sites to single landing pages. The content is always brand-driven and always on-target. Browse through some of our sites and see what you think.

South Grand

The South Grand Community Improvement District needed a site that could speak to who they are, the richness of the surrounding area, as well as highlight businesses and events in their district. In addition to designing and developing the site, most of the photography and event branding on the site was created by Studio X. View South Grand’s site.


The Salvation Army – Midland Division

The Salvation Army – Midland Division had an outdated site on a obsolete platform. We created a User Experience study and stratified content based on what we discover. When Studio X created the new site, it opened a floodgate of information that no one had previously expected. The site went from a few pages to over 100, and gave them the opportunity to inform people in ways they had never had before. Visit The Salvation Army–Midland Division’s site.

Second Wind St. Louis

The Second Wind Lung Transplant Association of St. Louis helps people who undergo lung transplantation with non-medical expenses. It is not uncommon for those who go through the operation successfully, to be plagued by huge financial, logistic and personal problems – both to them and their families. Second Wind is a small, but effective group within the transplant community that has helped many transplant recipients.

Second Wind needed rebranding, photography and a site to convey what they do for their clients, was well as to help with their fundraising aims. Please visit Second Wind online to learn more.


St. Louis Seen and Unseen

St. Louis Seen and Unseen is a coffee-table photo book that was published in 2006 by Virginia Publishing Company. It is in essence a visual essay about St. Louis. It was initially presented to us as a design project, but quickly it became apparent that it needed direction and content. Though we could have shot the book ourselves, we choose to open it up to other photographers to give it a points of view we could have never imagined.

St. Louis Seen and Unseen won a gold medal for the Best Regional Non-Fiction book in the Midwest by Independent Publisher and garnered quite a bit of local media attention.